Voyager’s educational program will enable all students to achieve the Hawai‘i Content Standards. Voyager provides a unique opportunity for students to develop their abilities to learn how to learn, to be responsible for their own learning, and to understand what it means to be a human being. Voyager’s students work together with others to perform complex thinking and problem solving and to recognize quality performance and products.

The curriculum develops a historical perspective of the basic, underlying universal principles found in every age and in every culture and in every language. It utilizes the traditional holistic approach of inter-weaving the arts, sciences and the humanities and relating them to common cultural values. The curriculum prepares young people to answer the call for the common good. In the process, the student begins to find answers to the perennial questions: Who am I? Why was I born? What is the purpose of life?

Strategies for Improving Performance

The educational philosophy and methods utilized by Voyager have been proven to support the Hawai‘i Content and Performance Standards. These approaches were chosen because they support Voyager’s core principles, because they are based on sound research, and because they have proven their effectiveness in schools and classrooms.

The three approaches are:

Individually, these methods are strong and have been shown to work in selected public schools across the nation. Together, the three approaches are extremely powerful and can transform learning for any student.