Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Charter school?

A Charter school is a public school. As a public school, it is free to all residents of the State of Hawai‘i there is no tuition. The purpose of Charter schools under Hawaii”s education law is to offer parents more choices within the public school system. One significant advantage of Charter schools is their freedom from traditional constraints that discourage innovation in regular public schools. For example, the governing Local School Board &the staff and teachers have greater freedom in, t creating curriculum, hiring staff and personalizing the educational experience for each child.

How is the school funded?

The school receives funds from the State of Hawaii. However, the funds are not sufficient to provide the high quality educational experience we are striving to achieve. Thus, the school relies on corporate, grant, and family contributions and fundraisers.

What is special about Voyager Charter School?

  • Our approach to Elementary School education is special: 
    -Voyager Charter School subscribes to many powerful beliefs about how to educate young children. These include nurturing and cultivating independent learners from as early as kindergarten. Integrated lessons are designed to address multiple learning styles and students are active participants in their learning through goal setting and self-reflection. We encourage parent involvement and community learning experiences, extending the learning outside the classroom.
  • Our values are special: 
    -Unity in Diversity, the Golden Rule, and the belief that we are All One Family. Additionally, active student participation in school, students as role-models of outstanding character, students as stewards of the environment and students as multi-talented individuals set Voyager School apart from other learning communities.
  • Our teachers and staff members are special: 
    -Because we are cultivating a community of lifelong learners our teachers and staff members are continually striving to improve themselves, their skills, and their ability to meet the diverse needs of their students and families. We are committed to continuous quality improvement and alignment of purpose and practice.
  • Our ideas of how to run a school are special: 
    -Voyager Charter School is a single, public elementary school run by the Local School Board which consists of the principal, community members, parents, and staff members. By working together – principal, teachers, parents and school board – we can ensure each student achieves his or her full potential.

How can our family become part of the Voyager learning community?

The school is open to any student in the state of Hawaii who is between the ages of 5-8 years of age. For application procedures and enrollment requirements see our admission policy.

How many student spaces are available for the upcoming school year?

We do not know at this time. The exact number will depend on our lease arrangement for next year and the number of families returning. We will have a more accurate number in late March and enrollment will be ongoing throughout the summer until all student slots are filled.

What if there are more applicants than there are available spaces?

A lottery is held, generally near the end of March. For more information contact Registrar at the school at 521-9770.