At the heart of Voyager is student achievement and personal growth. By nurturing the academic, group, and individual development of each student, Voyager is growing tomorrow’s compassionate leaders.”

-Amy Vorderbruegge

I’ve never seen a group of kids learn so fast. Everything I showed them they picked up in a matter of minutes. It makes a teacher proud.”

-Mrs. Lowen, 3rd Grade

We are really proud of what Voyager has accomplished. It can only get better in their new home.”

-Senator Joe Miyago

Equally committed to developing both high performing and compassionate students, Voyager is a beacon of hope for Hawai’i’s public education system. A true innovator.”

-Margaret Byrnes

My son loves the school’s emphasis on ‘quality students’ that helps each student be responsible for their own goals as a member of a community. We see that their unique educational methods have been definitely working on my son’s personal-growth and learning attitude.”

-Voyager Parent